The Confession of a Killer


It was in the year 2008, I met the love of my life. He was very understanding (at-least, I thought he was), he let me throw up all my emotions (rage, sorrow, happiness) at him and still at the end consoled me with warmth. But, it was me who betrayed him, I only met him once or twice a year, since I was busy with stuff that seemed to be of much more importance to me.

On Feb 15th 2011, the last day I reflected some reflections to him, I had buried those in my head for a long time, all of it bundled up inside and made me go crazy. This discussion was followed by ignoring him so much that  my ignorance towards him slowly killed him to death. I guess, I miss him now.

Oh, sorry, every thing written above sounds a bit different i guess. Never mind, with ‘him’ I was actually referring to my blog ‘Journospace’.

i began blogging in the year 2008, with my first post. Serial blasts!! Loss of innocent lives!! Panic spread across!! Gunshots!! What next…. to be ‘endured’..???  and then I was writing once in a blue moon. I published posts once or twice a year and then slowly the blog was dead that is after my last post ‘Reflecting some reflections!’ posted on the 15th of Feb 2011.

So basically I am now confessing about the murder I committed just to make sure I don’t kill this one again.

Apologies to those who dropped in to find some real murder confessions, sorry folks its just my blog.

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