The beast unleashed – Happy Independence Day, India!!

Happy Independance Day - August 15 , 2012
Happy Independance Day – August 15 , 2012 (Photo credit: Rameshng)

We say, we are now Independent, we are free. Yes, we are; to a certain extent, but not completely. We gained freedom from the wild clutches of a few of our fellow humans, who traveled all the way from the other end of the world to make us taste dirt and shit; the best part is that we Indians with our life-size hearts and our cultural ethics that saysAtithi devo bhava‘ greeted them and let them in with all glory.

We let them dominate us for years and then when the limit to endure reached its own limit, we decided to take action (but I guess it was quite late by then). However; it may be true that our freedom fighters drove them away or; may be they planned to leave either by will or because of  the awakened Indians, whom they feared. Whatever the reason must have been, the point that really matters is that, in the end we could call ourselves free.

It is not about how India  got Independence or what made it get its independence that matters. what really matters the most is what  does a lay man in India do with his Independence, if he is still being dominated by other forces, forces that are political and forces that are not. What is the point in celebrating independence when, people are being jailed for expressing their little thoughts. Why can’t we understand  that humans believe in words that seem to be significant and true, we understand sarcasm lies beneath cartoons but still watch  and read them just to have a laugh at the scenario. Cartoons, painting, write ups and other art forms are mere pipelines that helps us in draining out our thoughts and frustrations, they don’t point out fingers at people. Art forms simply brings out the truth and facts and puts it up bluntly in its own way. So there is no point in sending artists to jail just because they have some guts to express their views on the political scene.

What is the point in calling ourselves free when, a girl still can’t walk the streets without being a scared of getting molested or raped, when she knows that whatever might be the reason, people are going to blame her for dressing up indecently if she is raped, when those in love are killed in some rural parts of India  in the name of honor killing, when a man who wants to start a business steps back thinking of the consequences, thinking of the umpteen number of haftas he has to give out to men every hafta (week) from different walks of life, when children live a life designed by their parents in order to make them happy.  Where do you see independence in all this?

But yes, I respect our freedom fighters, for they took a step to initiate a fight for freedom but it saddens me that the fight stopped long back and we are happy with whatever little we have in the name of independence. Happy Independence Day, India!!



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