The night, when life was sucked out…

Brain-Shaped Tree - - 342922
Brain-Shaped Tree – – 342922 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One night, I had a mental block or in my context you can simply put it as a writer’s block, that means that point of time you know when you actually don’t know that you really know something.  That was the night when I decided I should pen down my thoughts, so that I read it the next day when my brain gets back its life in order to sit back and analyze the points I make when my brain is not functioning properly.

Since we all know that the brain is the organ that functions to keep each of our cells working and being alive also means that all our cells, tissues and organs along with the complete organ system works properly. So if the brain is the same organ that makes us do every single activity that ranges from all those little things that we do with our limbs to those movements that happens in the insides of our body (both voluntary and involuntary movements) and is also responsible for all our conscious  and subconscious thought processes.  Then it means that if we are going through a mental block, it is a sign that some parts of our brain is temporarily dead.

To a writer, mental block more or less means no life. So on that particular night, life was sucked out of me by some random alien looking creature called ‘stress’ and this post is a mere result of fighting hard with that alien to get back my life and in the process I had this deep intuitive understanding of life.

Life is an unknown commodity that can not be defined. It is something that at this particular moment is making my brain think and type some random words here. It is something that makes me think what exactly it is and if it didn’t exist would it be possible for me to sit here in front of this screen and keep typing some stuff that really has no sense.

So basically life is something that sucks out life from each one of us with each passing second.

Ok, let me confess, I guess this post is not really a post that you thought it to be, sorry if you were disheartened.

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