Happy Place Found on Earth


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Okay, this is not a post, it is just something I thought I should share. I know that most of you already know of it and it is definitely not something that would get into the list of things that is found on other planets like say, water or ice or some type of life form. Our world is already full of life but yes happiness is something each on of us hunt for, be it consciously or unconsciously. It definitely feels awesome to find a place on earth where people are happy.

Danes are the happiest of all. Let’s envision a world that has happy people all over. Why the Danes are the happiest people in the world -The official website of Denmark. It definitely takes loads of good thoughts and understanding to make people happy. We find unhappy,stressed out  people almost every where in this world, in places of work, at homes, in schools, in various types of societies. If only we respected each others freedom and let others live their life peacefully, if only we socialized with every other human and became friends instead of enemies. The world would be a happy place on the whole.


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