So what? You can always be Gay!!

English: smile
English: smile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You don’t really like the ‘skin you are in’?, you are being bullied by others who seem to be just your opposite? You are stressed up by the ways the society treats you and others, who think just like you? Are you being neglected, getting depressed and stressed by the nuances of the society.

If you are facing problems like the ones mentioned above then, all you’ve got to do is, try to stay happy and gay! (I know, you were thinking of the other gay). No this post is not taking in consideration of any one particular type of people. I am talking in general and it goes the same for the minority, who are different. Each one of us have faced such situations, obviously levels differ but the basic remains the same.

You have just one life (nobody is sure of reincarnations), so why waste it thinking about what other’s think or do. It’s your life and you should be thinking about putting it to the best use. So forget about the rest and love yourself and do what you like. Ultimately you will find yourself loving each second that goes by.

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