A few drapes ripped and you are raped!

Materializing women

I know, i was out of sight and didn’t post anything on this blog for a while. However I am back and yes I am distressed reading the news these days.

Grab a news paper from the coffee table or some other corner of our house and read, you are sure to find a couple of rape, abuse and molestation cases in there.

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We are  here not to discuss or debate about the society and its functioning or if it is because of patriarchy or matriarchy. Whatever it is, the basic point here is ‘is it going to ever stop?’

We really don’t have an answer for this, right?

Some says, the laws should be even more strict, others point out to the dressing sense of the girls, a few shouts out about it inside their cozy shelters and seldom get the guts to talk about it in the open and the rest keeps mum.

If wearing skirts and shorts, gets a women raped and molested or if refusing one’s proposal gets her to these situations, then is a women safe at all. Each one of us knows this answer.

I don’t really understand, what kind of psyche can lead a man to brutally molest, rape or throw acid on women. Leave alone rights, what exactly makes them behave like butchers and treat her as though she has no life. I don’t understand what makes humans, inhumane to this extent.

Materializing women
Image Credit -http://jessica-rae-3.deviantart.com/

since time immemorial, women have always been the bull’s-eye, when it came to mental or physical torture  and it is time our male counterparts understand what it is to be a women and walk on the streets and what it is to feel naked with a hundred pair of eyes ogling at our curves even when we are covered from neck to the toe.

Treat us like humans, like your equal counterparts this is all we need and with this we are not talking about a few reservations in the system but we are talking about equality in society.

Help us to get rid of fear and insecurity that is gradually increasing in each one of us. Help us walk comfortably in our skin when on the streets without any fear of getting molested in the crowded streets and public transports like bus, train metro or of getting kidnapped and raped in a deserted piece of land.

Every mother out there, bring up your son and daughter as equals and stop discriminating. Teach your son to treat women the way they should be treated. Nothing changes if  the seeds of awareness are not sown at an early age.

Every man should know that there is nothing that makes a man superior to women in any way. Each one is the counterpart of the other and should respect each others existence.

If a women walks the streets in skirt, she is deliberately exposing and if a man walks in shorts, is he not? Why differentiate?

It is always good to find celebs like Farhan Akhtar  coming up with concepts like MARD – Men Against Rape and Discrimination and I hope that this campaign goes viral and this sickening illness of the society is eradicated as soon as possible. The campaign should reach the ears of all households in the rural areas, slums and all cities. A change in the mindset of people should begin somewhere at least.


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