Life in a metro – Kolkata

Kolkata metro is on the elevated stretch near ...
Kolkata metro is on the elevated stretch near Dumdum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that the title sounds quite  familiar, but; here I am referring particularly to the Metro railways of Kolkata and not the movie ‘Life in a Metro‘.

Life in Kolkata is dependent on Metro railway. It is, the lifeline of the city that connects it from one end to the other. No, this is not ‘The news’ I was talking about.

The life of a woman who travels in the metro railway, is different from the men who travel in the same. A woman who travels on a regular basis knows, what it is to board a crowded train (similar to the local) at the wee hours of the day. Women here, have learnt it the hard way to shield themselves with bags and files; but by the time, one reach the destination, the ‘wrong’ has been done.

There are sections, for women in every compartment, but; when there is a huge crowd behind you, it becomes impossible to get in the women’s section that is already packed, and you are stuck, sandwiched  in the middle of men from all walks of life.

Hundreds of commuters feel encroached helplessly during the rush hours. Minus those few unwanted advances  and you have a pleasant journey all the way.

Kolkata is an amazing place and the metro railway is an addition made long back, to make commuting from one part of the city to the other,  easier and faster. If it was not for the metro railway, life would have been a lot more harsh in this city.

People, please get a sense of humanity and treat women well, so that when a female family member of your’s is out in the open, you are a little less stressed up thinking about her well-being.


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