Outburst of an Insane in love!

horses in love

Are u an insane in love???

If yes, then you might be able to relate to this poem!!

Go on!! Read and feel love!!

horses in love

I so wish to open up my arms,

sobbing and staring at you for long hours

Things seem to be working differently;

I find you too far to even care.

I wish I could reach you where you are,

 I wish my stretched arms didn’t throb for so long,

waiting to make the wish come true.

 I wish,

I could see you in the eye and talk about these endless pain,

 that strikes hard making my heart ache,

like never before.

I so wish.

I could reach you and your tears.

I can see you.

See you walk by the shore,

  Me, kneeling and begging for thy love,

Hands still stretched out,

in anticipation.

I now hear the birds fly,

and I see the voices cry.

I see you in your absence.

I did feel you without your skin and bones.


you lived in my soul,

you did, like never before.

Life was never so gray,

In your thoughts I did sway,

your thoughts from me,

You cannot snatch,

If he exists, he has no match.

It’s saidmatches are made in heaven‘,

If it is true,

Coming together of us cannot be forsaken.

By he, himself.

That is,

if he exists.

but, I doubt his existence.

Image credit – http://wallpapertoon.com

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