A poem on you…


Long neck,

Fine hair,

Fair skin,

A figure that is slim;

is all you liked..

then and now!!

Foolish I was

& Foolish I am…

to still think

the world I created is true.

Courtesy-  http://risewall.com/

The world created, by me;

was a mere castle made of sand,

The waves came and Went back,

The wreckage left ashore…

Yet I see my castle,

my world Just the way ‘T was…

And so… They call me insane;

Just because,

I see my dreams

And I see them real

makes me mad, in your terms.

May be,

You now have

the perfect match to your dreams…

her long hair and rosy cheeks,

takes you away

to the land I can never reach…

May be you now know,

what it is to feel the excruciating pain…

when you see the known face

turn slowly strange…

No; you are no stranger to me,

You have never been…

But to you, I am; the strangest of all…



    1. Thank you Lori, for appreciating these words! May be it is because most of the dreams we chase don’t seem to be real.. or many be ‘dreams’ are not meant to be real, so we end up losing in the end… Hope we find something solid to chase!! 🙂


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