What is it to be depressed in its true sense? Can you really understand what the other person goes through? Read this, hope it helps…

And now for a bit of light reading:

suicide pic

Warning: The below content may cause you to feel unhealthy amounts of concern and sympathy for my situation. Sympathy is nice but it don’t pay the rent. If you want to help me, please share my stories.

Suicide is another topic we generally don’t like to talk about. It creates a huge divide between people. Huge. Like the ocean, suicide has the ability to make us feel small and helpless because its pull is so powerful and so unpredictable. It frightens the shit out of people. I understand why. It’s as scary as it is unnatural.

We’re all slapping on the SPF 25, getting pap smears, taking our multi-vitamins like good little puppies, all in the hope of winning the rat race and evading pre-mature death.

We’re afraid of death by car accidents, terrorist attacks and cancer, but the thought that the…

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