I kind of like the title here, it  seems to be double-faced, just the way I feel I am at times. People around me say ‘You are a Gemini, so you must have 2 faces’ and I look into the mirror and tell them, ‘ man, I can see just one here’. I know, I am bad at cracking jokes, they simply don’t crack the way I want them to. They are like fortune cookies to me, I myself have no idea what the one I am gonna crack will come up with!

Anyways, never mind; let us now come back to the title, or else chances are, I will keep blabbering endlessly.

The title ‘Life’Snailed’ can either be read as ‘Life is nailed’ or ‘Life Snailed’. Now, is ‘snailed’ even a word?? It doesn’t matter, it seems to be a word to me and for this you can call me a retard when it comes to language, I won’t mind!

So, coming back to it, I am writing this, just because I hadn’t written anything here for quite some time, and then I just thought I should write something, be it anything for that matter. Yeah right, I know I made a good decision (patting my back) :). But then, there is always this energy, or rather I would say ‘lack of energy’ around me, which makes the clock tick slower than ever, it pulls and tugs onto me, in such a way that I simply don’t feel like moving my muscles. I rather feel like a snail, yes, you read it right, just like a SNAIL, trying hard to reach my keyboard and type stuff out.

Most of the time I fail, but now I could win over it I guess, and so here I am, typing my heart out ( sorry my brain out) for no good reason, so; I kind of ‘nailed it’ this time; see, there you go ‘nailed it’, 🙂  however, I am sure, I will come up with a better post next time for you to read and enjoy.

By now, you would have got it, (the reason behind the title here) 🙂

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