Her Story

You might find this post a little depressive, but then; what I have come to know about life is that, it is not always sunshine and spring! There are monsoons, there are autumns, winters and scorching summers in it as-well!

Moods can never stay the same, and times change, so does my posts here in this blog! Today I am just blabbering and jabbering, tomorrow I might even write about skin care or a post on feminism, day after I might write on politics or I might review music and movies here! I am not bound with any boundaries, neither are my thoughts! They love to wander! So, here I am writing a story about ‘her’!

Her Story
Her Story

Now, don’t ask me who she is or who is the ‘her’ in this story! You don’t really have to know that, and neither do I! She is just another girl from some part of the world, who feels like the world has come crashing down at her feet! She has a twin sister, who is just the opposite! To her sister the world is under her feet! Irony? Yes indeed!!

So, let’s talk about her, let’s know her a bit more! She thinks she is neither living and is nor dead, she is simply breathing away with a name etched on her soul and mind (SANUKH), of which she has no clue about! She doesn’t know whom it belongs to, what is its purpose in her life and what does she has to do with it! But yet she clings to it as if it means the world to her!

She tries hard each day to love her being and be happy while her sister spreads cheers and laughter all around! She fights each day to get out of bed, but end up being known as just a lazy wreck. Whereas, her twin dreams of travelling and covering every patch of earth!

She looks around in awe and tries to follow the footstep of her twin, but in vain! Something dark, venomous and gore grips her tight within its claws and  never lets her go. The drugs that were supposed to keep her sane are slowly bit by bit ripping her off her creativity! It is ripping her off her sanity! She battles with the demons in her head trying to paint back her blank canvas with the most creative of paints but it’s all in vain! Just in vain!

She is no escapist to run away, from the daily grind! She is no escapist to hide in the creeks of the mountains or in the depths of the woods! Even if she was, it would be difficult, after all mountains and woods are no more found in your backyard, you would have to do a lot of planning before you go ahead and get yourself lost in the wilderness! But planning for her is not a cup of tea! When she thinks of escaping, it is mostly an impulsive reaction and nothing more!

Her story is not that great, her story is not very exciting; but it is ‘her story’ in the end and it doesn’t end here! After all, she is looking forward to live and lead a life ( can’t say happy, since there are other seasons too)!


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