About The Blog

The Sliding Effect!!!

Most of us have heard about or experienced  land slides – a geological phenomenon that is caused due to unstable conditions in the slope.

Unstable conditions aroused in the interiors of ones mind causes a little disturbance in the thought process resulting in Penslides. Thus sliding the pen to and fro, one expresses the thoughts sprinting in the mind like spotted deers running for life.

Not knowing the amount of sense the above lines or the ones that follows make, I continue to inscribe. This continuation of scribbles is what gives the namesake its rightful meaning.

So in short this blog here is all about the result of my sliding pens work after it sets itself to trance.

About me: A freelance writer, content writer, copy writer, script writer, poet etc etc etc… other than the jargons used above as the society puts across, I am more or less just a writing fanatic who loves to write.

Image courtesy:  Clker.com


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