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Her Story

You might find this post a little depressive, but then; what I have come to know about life is that, it is not always sunshine and spring! There are monsoons, there are autumns, winters and scorching summers in it as-well!

Moods can never stay the same, and times change, so does my posts here in this blog! Today I am just blabbering and jabbering, tomorrow I might even write about skin care or a post on feminism, day after I might write on politics or I might review music and movies here! I am not bound with any boundaries, neither are my thoughts! They love to wander! So, here I am writing a story about ‘her’!

Her Story

Her Story

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The fear within!

There is no age limit, when it comes to watching cartoons. Continue reading

My Published work

The ugly duckling syndrome

The ugly duckling syndrome, Published in the Magazine – Wellness and Well-being

Willing Suspension of Disbelief – what is it?

The release of the movie Avatar had stirred the world. While watching the movie, people (most of them) were actually connecting with all of Jake Sully’s (the protagonist) emotions. At times people had teary eyes and the next minute they were filled with joy to see Jake run. This kind of connecting with fiction and drama has been a part of humanity since eons.

It happened with many more movies, many more television soaps, novels and theater acts. Take for example; mythology, promotion and advertisement, fiction or the large industry of entertainment, we see this everywhere. Continue reading

Say ‘Yes’ to Comfort with Style!

Long gone are the days, when the term ‘fashion’ went hand in hand with the term ‘pain’.

Comfortable Fashion

Image Credit -With consent from the photographer – Arindam Biswas. Source Link – http://abpixels.com/photography-fashion-5-look-1

We did everything possible to look flattering and comfort was left over for those little ‘me times’ in our own little cocoons. We  try to find comfort with style, together weaved into breathable  fabrics, but most of the time in vain!

In this ever-busy world, what we working class people really crave is,  ‘Comfort’; but by the end of each day, we find our bodies en-caged in  ill-fitted shirts, trousers, blazers and skirts; that ultimately drains  the life out of us. We seem to suffocate under those layers and layers  of discomfort. Continue reading

She Lived in a Bubble – A wife’s imaginary world

They say, I live in a cocoon that I have created for myself. They say, I live in my ‘own world of fantasy’. They are right, yes they are!! I do live in my cozy bubble, where the world seems much more beautiful, much more bright, scenic, dreamy and enchanting unlike the world outside.

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I kind of like the title here, it  seems to be double-faced, just the way I feel I am at times. People around me say ‘You are a Gemini, so you must have 2 faces’ and I look into the mirror and tell them, ‘ man, I can see just one here’. I know, I am bad at cracking jokes, they simply don’t crack the way I want them to. They are like fortune cookies to me, I myself have no idea what the one I am gonna crack will come up with!

Anyways, never mind; let us now come back to the title, or else chances are, I will keep blabbering endlessly. Continue reading

Albeit; the venom in your heart


Image Credit – Steve; http://amaimages.com/

When you think,

you are alone;

when the world seems,

a measly stone.

I will be there;

 all along,


you are strong.

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What is it to be depressed in its true sense? Can you really understand what the other person goes through? Read this, hope it helps…

And now for a bit of light reading:

suicide pic

Warning: The below content may cause you to feel unhealthy amounts of concern and sympathy for my situation. Sympathy is nice but it don’t pay the rent. If you want to help me, please share my stories.

Suicide is another topic we generally don’t like to talk about. It creates a huge divide between people. Huge. Like the ocean, suicide has the ability to make us feel small and helpless because its pull is so powerful and so unpredictable. It frightens the shit out of people. I understand why. It’s as scary as it is unnatural.

We’re all slapping on the SPF 25, getting pap smears, taking our multi-vitamins like good little puppies, all in the hope of winning the rat race and evading pre-mature death.

We’re afraid of death by car accidents, terrorist attacks and cancer, but the thought that the…

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