She Lived in a Bubble – A wife’s imaginary world

In my world, we two walk long paths together holding hands, and nobody stares, my world is unaffected by those who are envious, bitter, skeptical of my every move and those begrudge-rs who would love to make my life seem like hell.



There are many reasons, explanations and perceptions to any one aspect. All you have to do is, keep your eyes and mind open to soak in the hidden meanings.

Laments of a Destitute Housewife — Poetry

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1. Sweet Jesus, what has become of me? This tangled mop of hair Loss of bit,…


Running through my mind

My confusions!!!


Brain Popsicle

The loss of cognitive abilities of the brain for a while!


Life in a metro – Kolkata

People, please get a sense of humanity and treat women well, so that when a female family member of your’s is out in the open, you are a little less stressed up thinking about her well-being.

Materializing women

A few drapes ripped and you are raped!

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Happy Place Found on Earth

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The night, when life was sucked out…

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