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The ugly duckling syndrome
The ugly duckling syndrome, Published in the Magazine – Wellness and Well-being

Willing Suspension of Disbelief – what is it?

avatar James Cameron Zoe Salda
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The release of the movie Avatar had stirred the world. While watching the movie, people (most of them) were actually connecting with all of Jake Sully’s (the protagonist) emotions. At times people had teary eyes and the next minute they were filled with joy to see Jake run. This kind of connecting with fiction and drama has been a part of humanity since eons.

It happened with many more movies, many more television soaps, novels and theater acts. Take for example; mythology, promotion and advertisement, fiction or the large industry of entertainment, we see this everywhere. Continue reading Willing Suspension of Disbelief – what is it?

Say ‘Yes’ to Comfort with Style!

Long gone are the days, when the term ‘fashion’ went hand in hand with the term ‘pain’.

Comfortable Fashion
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We did everything possible to look flattering and comfort was left over for those little ‘me times’ in our own little cocoons. We  try to find comfort with style, together weaved into breathable  fabrics, but most of the time in vain!

In this ever-busy world, what we working class people really crave is,  ‘Comfort’; but by the end of each day, we find our bodies en-caged in  ill-fitted shirts, trousers, blazers and skirts; that ultimately drains  the life out of us. We seem to suffocate under those layers and layers  of discomfort. Continue reading Say ‘Yes’ to Comfort with Style!