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Each of us, understand ‘love’ in our own ways and on our own terms. We have given it wings, shapes and forms; as per our individual perceptions. When we speak of romance in a relationship, we basically talk about the differences that sparks up friction and attraction between two individuals with differing perceived notions. With love; comes hate, possessiveness, jealousy, mystery, confusion, and loads and loads of emotions.

The poems here, speaks of the silent shrieks, the joyous sufferings and the insane sanity of those in love!

Albeit; the venom in your heart

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When you think,

you are alone;

when the world seems,

a measly stone.

I will be there;

 all along,


you are strong.

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A poem on you…

Long neck,

Fine hair,

Fair skin,

A figure that is slim;

is all you liked..

then and now!!

Foolish I was

& Foolish I am…

to still think

the world I created is true.


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Outburst of an Insane in love!

Are u an insane in love???

If yes, then you might be able to relate to this poem!!

Go on!! Read and feel love!!

horses in love

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