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At this hour, after midnight while I deal with a pinch of insomnia,  my memory takes me back to the bedtime stories I used  to read as a child. Each one of us are aware of those three mystical words that were more like the starters to the stories… ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Not knowing why this  little urge, makes it difficult to resist this weird temptation to use those historic words, so here I go…

Once upon a time, I decide to write a blog but then these age-old excuses like ‘no time’ and ‘hectic schedules’ acted as hindrance making me push the thought of writing a blog in the back-end of my little brain.

One fine day after browsing through the channels and walking the roads of India, frustration and disappointment caught me like never before. Like many other fellow Indians, who took the step towards dealing with the politics our beloved representatives in the government are engrossed into I thought I could may be one day hit the bull’s-eye, writing a blog and thus Journospace was born!!

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