Facebook Promotional Posts for Sorcerrers

These are the Facebook Posts made for Kabuiwala and Quick Dose!                   … More

The world is a game

World – just a game

At times it seems like, we are all in a make believe world; where we have no control on our life and on our emotions and feelings!! In the end, all of it seems like a complicated game!!

Life in a metro – Kolkata

People, please get a sense of humanity and treat women well, so that when a female family member of your’s is out in the open, you are a little less stressed up thinking about her well-being.


Happy Place Found on Earth

Okay, this is not a post, it is just something I thought I should share. I know that most of … More


The night, when life was sucked out…

One night, I had a mental block or in my context you can simply put it as a writer’s block, … More


Kolkata – the road less traveled

I stepped onto the land of Kolkata, almost a year back in September 2012. Hailing from Bangalore, it was a … More


Let’s give some more work to the Hawkers

Staying for a while in Kolkata has provided me with some awesome range of entertainment. Here I bet, you will … More