Albeit; the venom in your heart

Some promises are meant to be kept; so if a time comes when the world comes down around you, and you think there is no way out; you will still find me beside you, even if; your heart is filled with hatred toward me.


A Suicider’s Plight

Who said, that the people who commit suicide are insane, escapists or a person too weak to go on with life?? People attempting suicide, might have just asked you your help or would have crossed streets under your nose!! Take a good look, keep yourself open and say some kind words to them, you might have just saved a life by doing so!!


Happy Place Found on Earth

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The night, when life was sucked out…

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One life wasted!!

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What’s kept in a name?

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You wither with time, faces flip. When you look inside, the soul slips. Changes are momentary, the basics are fixed. … More



Gasping for air, Suffering and suffocating. Resembles a fish or a bird, with a slit throat. An expired Asthalin, lays … More


The Smile!!

Colossal structure, perhaps a contraption, like a wheel, whirling and swiveling. Not a hamlet, but a locale, deserted. Mortals bellowing … More