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Life in a metro – Kolkata

Kolkata metro is on the elevated stretch near ...
Kolkata metro is on the elevated stretch near Dumdum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that the title sounds quite  familiar, but; here I am referring particularly to the Metro railways of Kolkata and not the movie ‘Life in a Metro‘.

Life in Kolkata is dependent on Metro railway. It is, the lifeline of the city that connects it from one end to the other. No, this is not ‘The news’ I was talking about. Continue reading Life in a metro – Kolkata



India - Day 1 - No Spiting
India – Day 1 – No Spiting (Photo credit: The MacKay Way)

Wow!! You know what? I just thought I now know how to track all those people who spit anywhere and every where in India.

Note- I know that I haven’t  discovered or invented anything here, its just a weird thought that crossed my mind and I thought i discovered the idea. If you were thinking of reading about some new invention in technology here, I am sorry you might find totally out of place stuff here. so read ahead only at your own risk.

Almost all Indians have seen those colorful and translucent spit on roads, walls, doors and what not, while they travel from one point to the other of any city or state. We have come across almost all types of spits, ranging from red, orange green, brown (these are the outcome of chewing betel leaves and other forms of tobacco) to the normal translucent once with bubbles and phlegm in it. I know it sounds a bit gross, but never mind.

There are walls and stations that bluntly says not to spit or you will be fined. I think it is important to catch the culprit whenever they dirty a clean place by fining a good amount and if it all goes well then, the person will think twice before spitting. So if this happens to every body who blindly spits here and there, each one of them will think more than twice before they spit.

India : New Delhi : Connaught Place reloaded /...
India : New Delhi : Connaught Place reloaded // भारत : नई दिल्ली : कनॉट प्लेस को पुनः लोड – Traditional Indian street art (this time also instalation with dogs in matching colors). (Photo credit: artist in doing nothing)

This is the reason the genius in me thought why not have a system that will analyse  (maybe ) the DNA of the spit and match it and find the culprit for a hefty fine. So every time there is spit on walls or roads it should get collected and analysed, a DNA test should be done and the person should be caught.

Do you know, what will be the result of this? Yes, India will be free from the wild clutches of the SPIT beast.

I thought of this and kept chuckling  thinking about the genius in me who came up with such a brilliant idea.

P.S- I have no Idea if this will work or not ( most probably it wont) and I am sure, spitting colored spit on roads will prevail in this country for at-least as long as I live.

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