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Brain Popsicle


No matter how brilliant your brain works, once in a while you do find it turn into a Popsicle. Frozen with splashes of colors running down your veins and you don’t remember even the silly things like names, dates and faces. The cold, sweeps through each of your neurons and makes you a living-dead for a few seconds, minutes or hours. All this time, your basic cognitive powers are lost.

Feeling lost in the world you know all about, is a common phenomenon with many and the same goes for me.

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The night, when life was sucked out…

Brain-Shaped Tree - geograph.org.uk - 342922
Brain-Shaped Tree – geograph.org.uk – 342922 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One night, I had a mental block or in my context you can simply put it as a writer’s block, that means that point of time you know when you actually don’t know that you really know something.  That was the night when I decided I should pen down my thoughts, so that I read it the next day when my brain gets back its life in order to sit back and analyze the points I make when my brain is not functioning properly. Continue reading The night, when life was sucked out…

Some Beef for Thought

Before I begin with this post, let me tell you that what ever I write here matters, only if you think it matters, if you look at is, as though all of it is bull crap, it acts as bull crap. So it is all about how you take it and I have no intention to malign any ethnic group, religion, club, organization, company, party or individual directly or indirectly.

So yes, Yesterday I had  this brief talk with Mr. A and it didn’t take much time to turn the conversation into a debate.

Somehow we were talking about discrimination and divisions among humans in terms of religion, caste and creed. I have no Idea how we came up to such discussions, I guess it must be because I was talking about beef and its taste n stuff. May be it ended up into this flaming debate because both of us involved in this discussion belong to the ‘Hindu community’.

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Mr.A said, ‘ we should not consume beef because it is against our ‘dharma’ and will lead us to hell’ and it was enough to heat   up our conversation with the beef fat.

How does it matter if we eat this or that? At the end of the day   we eat to survive. what if Mr.A is enters a cold deserted forest and is left with no food and starves. from out of the blue he suddenly finds a wild cow grazing. what will he do?

I am sure he will hunt it down and enjoy the meat, or is it that he will let it go and starve to death just thinking about his religion?

I know all this might hurt the sentiments of a few vegan, but then what if we really don’t understand what is consumable and what is poisonous among all those greens available in the forest? Why take a chance when there is good fat to consume to feel a little warm in the cold forests, just to survive?

Religion does helps an individual to take the better path and shows the right from wrong but there are places where you just cant help but listen to what your tummy says and take logical actions, accordingly.

I don’t know if any of it made sense but I thought let me just put it up so that you can point out the wrongs in me.

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Let’s give some more work to the Hawkers

Sprzedawca lassi w Varanasi
Sprzedawca lassi w Varanasi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Staying for a while in Kolkata has provided me with some awesome range of entertainment.

Here I bet, you will find something or the other to entertainment your naughty mind. Wait , with ‘Naughty’ i mean all those ‘goody goody naughty’ thoughts of playing pranks with strangers.

Walking down from Park Street to Esplanade, you are sure to find the streets bubbling and singing to the calls of the local hawkers here, who do not leave a tad of empty space on the footpath to bring up their stalls.

All I do is, stare at their stall and the look is just enough to bring them to work. You give their products a stare and they get up to woo you with their words to the stalls. (patties ache (there are patties here), ashun madam – bag hobe (Come madam- there are bags here), thanda  Lassi hobe (have some cold lassi) … and it goes on)

looking at something means you want to buy it is the basic thought that runs in each of these hawker’s boggling  grey matter. That means if my pockets are empty I will have to stop myself from looking at anything that falls on my way when I pass by those streets. How unruly is that?

I just don’t like them to sit mum in one corner, so I keep looking at their stall until they stand up to greet me and when they do that, I simply walk away.It might just sound like I am a sadist but It is a kind of social work you see, giving those people a little job satisfaction is what I think I am doing.

After all if some body looks at the products you want to sell, that means at-least your products attract eyeballs and you are doing a good job.

Hats off to the local hawkers of Kolkata. You guys are good with sales and marketing.